Themes and Concepts

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  • 1 Female Model

    Open or Close

    General Ideas

    • Fishnets, shredded punk-fashion
    • Latex outfit
    • Fifth Element-like strap outfit (have shiny wide tape in pink or black) [Done in white; still want black and/or pink.]
    • Mummy [Done]
    • Wrapped in cling wrap, as if on shelf [Done]
    • Bubble wrap, as above
    • Held up by a balloon?
    • Pillows, blanket/comforter, making a cozy nook
    • Mime: 'trapped in box', with a plexiglass cover [Done]
    • slashed t-shirt over swimwear or leotard or lingerie [Done cute: still needs sexy]
      Bright colors for outer/under, or muted
    • Big poofy wedding dress? [Done]
    • Footie pajamas [Done]
    • Pouring a drink for yourself, from one box to another
    • In laundry basket (with sheets) (very pin-up-y feel to this) [Done]
    • Climbing a rope out of the box [Done]
      Or as a couple, with one leaving and the other trying to keep them there
    • Bemused secretary, covered with post-it notes
    • Perspective

    Completed Ideas, but redo is possible.

    • Country Glamour (aka 'Daisy Duke')
    • Cross-color lighting [Like this]
    • Fill box with balloons or balls or packing peanuts, or... [Done]
    • With a stuffed animal [Done]
    • Twister [Done]
    • Handcuffed to yourself, from one box to another. (Or left to center to right) (Like this or this)
    • Swimwear, with fins and snorkel and such (nice idea, not so good in execution)
    • "The Three Wise Monkeys": 3 frames, hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil. (Like this)
    • Falling out of box [Done]
    • With photos of same model on walls
    • White bodystocking, gloves, white featureless mask [Done]
    • Shot through legs (Like this)
    • Library: Box filled with books, model reading
    • Climbing a rope out of the box [Like this]
    • Just legs sticking out of box [Done]
    • Just head sticking out of box filled with packing peanuts, ball pit balls, or similar [Like this]

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  • 1 Male Model

    Open or Close
    • Button-down type businessman, suit/tie, struggling to escape
    • Jeans and tank top or "muscle shirt"
    • Formalwear (Tuxedo, tails, etc)
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  • 2+ Models

    Open or Close

    One Male, One Female

    • Tux, cocktail dress
    • Swimwear for both. (Flippers? Mask? Wetsuit?)
    • Space theme: both in shiny silver (have some for her, don't have any for him)
    • Dom/sub
    • Black vs White

    Two Females

    • Space Theme both in shiny silver outfits (have some)
    • Dom/Sub?
    • Twister [Done with single model]
    • Swimwear or lingerie
    • "Country glamor" - jean shorts, plaid shirts [Done]
    • Two fashion models in coordinating outfits

    Many Models

    • Packed like sardines
      (Either carefully lined up, or like the stuffed phone booth craze of the 40's/50's, or the 'how many people can you fit into a Volkswagen in the 60's) (Probably a maximum of 3)
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  • Nude and/or Fetish

    Open or Close
    Note: Minors may not select any of these!

    Thigh-high boots (blindfold? Long gloves?)
    Electrical tape (not little Xes, but spiral wrapped around legs, arms, etc) [Done]
    Mascot mask (only)
    Featureless white mask [Done]
    Motorcycle helmet, gloves, & boots. [Done]
    Wearing a dress made solely out of rope [Done].)
    Straitjacket [Done]
    Bubble or cling wrap, as in Misc Ideas above
    "Long Socks" - overlong slouched stockings/socks (Like
    these) (I don't have any at this time.)
    Translucent material (tulle/netting) [Done]
    "Hair Bra"; topless, but with hair long enough to cover the torso.
    Wearing only PostIt notes
    Fashion Accessories: a stack of implied nudes with:
    • Oversized hat (only)
    • Oversized purse (only)
    • fan?
    • Shoes?
    • scarf? Tie?
    Body Painting: Invisible Model [Done]
    Body Painting: other
    Two models
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  • Future Ideas

    Open or Close

    (if you're interested in these, let me know ahead of time)

    • Louvers covering opening of box; model peering out through them
    • Curtains
    • ball pit?
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